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Most of us already know what germs we come into contact when we enter a small enclosed area, packed with people.   Can’t be helped!   I have seen people that clearly have Vaseline inside their nostrils and then pull out anti-bacterial wipes and wipe everything down (folding tray, armrests, seatbelt buckles and so forth).   Then, I look down to see that they have removed their shoes, yikes!    Especially those that are now in bare feet.   Imagine going to the washroom and stepping on a wet bathroom floor!   Or, the other example that makes me absolutely cringe is when they set their toddler down to play on the floors.   Personally, I am always wearing very comfortable shoes when I travel.   Unfortunately, some airport security areas require shoes be removed.    I feel my shoes are better left on, not only for the germ factor, but in the very unlikely event that the plane made an unscheduled landing, I want to be able to run!   Interested in your comments!   Here’s a link to what some of the folks at Conde Nast Travel had to say about the whole thing.

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