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Kelowna Happenings Apr 1-8/16

Kelowna Happenings Apr 1-8/16

We want to make sure that everyone visiting Kelowna has the absolute most memorable stay while in the area!    Here's a link to the printer-friendly version of what is happening in the area as provided by the terrific folks at Tourism Kelowna!   Enjoy your time in the...

Airplane – Shoes Off, or On?

Airplane – Shoes Off, or On?

Most of us already know what germs we come into contact when we enter a small enclosed area, packed with people.   Can't be helped!   I have seen people that clearly have Vaseline inside their nostrils and then pull out anti-bacterial wipes and wipe everything down...

Accessing VIP Lounges at Airports

Accessing VIP Lounges at Airports

Did you know how to get into a VIP airport lounge when you are travelling?    Hopefully you are enroute to Kelowna, in beautiful B.C.!   Wherever your travels may take you, being able to enjoy them just adds another memorable dimension to your trip, especially if...

Eloping, the New Alternative

{{CODEchat}} By Sherry Cote (As published in Madeleine, A Woman’s World, Copyright) The traditional definition of ‘elope’ refers to a sudden and secretive marriage, usually to avoid parental objections. Today’s elopements are often exciting, planned alternatives to...

Wow, what a B&B! – by Jane Cassie

Article featured in “Spa Life” International Magazine What determines a great romantic getaway? Spectacular views? Luxurious accommodations? Fine dining? Intimate spaces? How about all of these and more? Well, that’s what we discovered at this unique sanctuary in the...

A Vista Villa – Home of Honeymooners, Elopers & Lovers

as published in "Love Tripper" - Your romantic online magazine, by:  Habeeb Salloum A Vista Villa – Home of Honeymooners, Elopers and Lovers. by Habeeb Salloum A Vista Villa – a villa set in a panoramic landscape, is an honest description of a home built for lovers....

A Couple’s Okanagan Getaway

as published in "Vancity Buzz" What determines an amazing couple’s getaway? Is it being in the heart of wine country? Spectacular views? Luxuriously private Honeymoon suite accommodations? A hostess that anticipates your needs in advance? How about all of these and...

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