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Eloping, the New Alternative

By Sherry Cote (As published in Madeleine, A Woman’s World, Copyright) The traditional definition of ‘elope’ refers to a sudden and secretive marriage, usually to avoid parental objections. Today’s elopements are often exciting, planned alternatives to traditional...

Wow, what a B&B! – by Jane Cassie

Article featured in “Spa Life” International Magazine What determines a great romantic getaway? Spectacular views? Luxurious accommodations? Fine dining? Intimate spaces? How about all of these and more? Well, that’s what we discovered at this unique sanctuary in the...

A Vista Villa – Home of Honeymooners, Elopers & Lovers

as published in “Love Tripper” – Your romantic online magazine, by:  Habeeb Salloum A Vista Villa – Home of Honeymooners, Elopers and Lovers. by Habeeb Salloum A Vista Villa – a villa set in a panoramic landscape, is an honest description of a home...

A Couple’s Okanagan Getaway

as published in “Vancity Buzz” What determines an amazing couple’s getaway? Is it being in the heart of wine country? Spectacular views? Luxuriously private Honeymoon suite accommodations? A hostess that anticipates your needs in advance? How about all of...

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